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Through my collages  I aim to convey a rich tapestry of ideas and emotions . My work reflects my deep seated beliefs in the power of imagery to evoke powerful associations and meanings in the viewer's mind.  I bring  together images and motifs, carefully chosen to create a sense of unity and coherence in the overall composition. Each element of the collage has been selected for its ability to evoke a particular emotion or association. I have woven them together to create a narrative that is both evocative and open to interpretation. At the heart of this work lies a deep commitment to the power of metaphor.  Using symbolism and allegory, I seek to tap into the deeper layers of meaning beneath the surface of everyday life. By juxtaposing seemingly unrelated images and ideas, I aim to invite the viewer to engage with their subconscious associations and explore the rich potential for interpretation within these complex and multi-layered compositions. My goal as an artist is to create visually compelling and intellectually stimulating work. By pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques and exploring the limits of visual metaphor, I hope to invite my audience to engage with my work in a deeply personal and transformative way, unlocking new depths of understanding and insight along the way.

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Sara Lisch
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