Much of my figurative work is floating in the uncharted waters of the inner narrative. Interpersonal dynamics between people and their complicated relationships within themselves lead me to a visual conversation of the complexities of the human psyche.  Universal themes such as love, sorrow, hope,  and irony are used to navigate and reflect the many facets of existence.  Animal symbolism is often integrated into my work suggesting a primal connection either with oneself or as a vehicle to describe a deeper level of consciousness. My creative inspiration comes from the world around me intersecting with my essential nature.  I might find an object, read a poem, or overhear a fleeting conversation between two disparate people that plants a seed in my unconscious.  This seed germinates and grows into an internal allegory that I use to illuminate my pieces. My work strives to encapsulate the human experience and amplify the context by layering symbols and using the human form as a window into the unconscious. 









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Sara  Lisch