At The Table

I am working on a new series called " At The Table " of collaborative installations. My first of this series called Abundance/ The Door incorporates visual, written and spoken art.

I invited writer Marcy Rodenborn to interpret the visual narrative I created. She was given only the visual representation to write a story that interweaves the two sides of the table. Her story begins with, Abundance, a story about a young wealthy girl, whose caretaker is a dominating woman and ends with, The Door, the girl’s future self, her fortunes changed, reflecting on her past, experiencing her present and then making her own choices. Marcy then recorded the two separate narratives into tape recorders where the viewer can listen and participate in their imagination. Each new piece from this series will incorporate the "At the Table" format but with varying stories/poems/music and thematic table settings,

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Sara  Lisch