Humans, animals, and allegory inspire my ceramic work. My stories are not words but sculptural poems that bridge the subconscious and conscious. I utilize myths and metaphors to traverse the complex territory of the human psyche. Symbolism throughout time has been used to illustrate the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings. One of the oldest found figurative ceramic sculptures is the Black Venus of Dolní Věstonice. She is sculpted from a mixture of charred powdered bone and clay. Her use is unknown, but her body holds a narrative that is familiar yet thought-provoking. I hope to generate varying ways of seeing reality and illuminate the mind's eye to see the beauty and complexity of being alive.


My new series, Metamorphosis, is sparked by my growth and transformation over the past year of the pandemic. During this challenging time, I turned my thistle and foxtail backyard into a flourishing garden. As I watched the plants grow, flower, die, and transform, the experience seeped into my artistic practice. My new series is a metaphorical extension of my garden and symbolizes life, death, and renewal.


I primarily work with low-fire clay and various hand-building and carving techniques to create my pieces. I use terra sigillata, underglazes, stains, acrylic paint, and ceramic transfers to enhance my work's surface.


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Sara  Lisch